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Plot Synopsis for "International Flavor: Part 5"

Several months ago, Ray Jack Montero filmed a promotional video for his business idea of replacing frog DNA with a few strands of chicken DNA to recreate the taste of chicken in frogs. Caesar bursted into the room to tell him he has lost more of his crack science team to Nomi Huapai. Caesar informed him that it's not just scientists, but writers and cooks heading to Yamapalu as well.

In the present, Montero is on the phone with Caesar who stands in front of a large fire. He is using locals to burn all the Gallsaberry plants. The locals all scream, "for Poyo" as they have the taste of war in their mouths and leave bodies and plants to burn. A Vampire walks into the carnage unseen and bites one of the downed army men.

Tony Chu talks with Amelia Mintz while Chow Chu is still knocked out.[1] When sniper shots miss them and hit a nearby tree Tony throws himself on Amelia to save her. He stares awkwardly at her, blushing, until she asks him to get off of her. He tells her he needs to head back into the village as he believes whoever killed Lin Sae Woo will be down in the village trying to rescue the Great Fatanyeros.[2]

Caesar calls Montero and tells him he missed the shot. Montero is not happy and threatens Caesar. Caesar hangs up on the phone and calls Mason Savoy who doesn't answer the phone.

The Vampire breaks into Nomi's hut where he has Fatanyeros. The Vampire threatens Nomi who instantly concedes to him he can have everything he wants. They're interrupted by Tony breaking in. While he holds the Vampire at gunpoint, Nomi knocks Tony over with a lamp and grabs his gun. He tells the Vampire to go and to please not hurt anyone. Tony freaks out as to why he would help the Vampire and Nomi turns the gun on himself, committing suicide.

On a plane, Fatanyeros cooks a meal to thank the Vampire. He is told instead that he will be eaten, as he gains knowledge and skills whenever he eats someone.

Several days later in Philadelphia, Tony is about to make a call when Mike Applebee breaks into the room and screams if he's using company time to make a personal call. Tony whimpers out that he is, and Applebee snaps into a friendly and cheerful smile and tells him it's good to find someone in their life. Befuddled, Tony moves on and calls Amelia to ask her on a date.

On the other end, Amelia cheerfully accepts as she waters her plants. In the middle of her potted plants is a Gallsaberry seed.


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