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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Thirty-Five years ago, Mother Clucker's restaurant opened.

Twenty-Five years ago, Mother Clucker's was busy with patrons with afros and chicken hats

Fifteen years ago, Mother Clucker's was busy with adding drive throughs and street chicken-suit advertisements.

Five years ago, Mother Clucker's was busy with adding wifi and a modernized restaurant

Three years ago, outside Mother Clucker's people were puking their guts out, parents and children walked by with sars masks on.

Today, Mother Clucker's is condemned and closed by order of the FDA. Only the owner remains sitting in his chair outside the door as the place sits in shambles.

Tony Chu and John Colby approach the old owner of Mother Clucker's at the doorstep. When Tony says he's FDA and wants to speak with him, the old man becomes aggravated and blames the FDA for his failed business. John becomes agitated back and continues to drink his alcohol and shows signs of being drunk. Tony explains they are not there to ask about chicken, they are there to find the where-a-bouts of Migdalo Daniel.

John knocks himself out drinking. Tony picks him up and John grumbles about the end of the world with the alien writing in the sky.[1] Tony is fed up with John and calls Agent Caesar Valenzano.

When Caesar sees the picture of Migdalo, he recalls that he's a Voresophic that works for the FDA. Caesar remembers a case where they showed him a picture, and as he ate a dozen chili-dogs he deduced almost all the facts needed to bring down the criminal. Tony explains he went missing right as the writing in the sky appeared. Tony canvassed the street and only came up with one lead about a noise delivery truck that appeared every night on Walnut Street.

As they roll to the apartment to check it out, Tony receives a call from Toni Chu. She ebulliently explains her NASA clearance now outranks the FDA clearance with the recent appearances of the alien writing in the sky. Tony walks up the steps towards what they are investigating and Toni keeps going on. Toni explains she got a raise to investigate and no longer is going to Gardner-Kvashennaya. Tony keeps trying to get off the phone but Toni continues to ramble about inviting Amelia Mintz and Chow Chu over to eat with them to celebrate her raise.

When Caesar and Tony break into the room, Tony hangs up the phone and his jaw hits the floor in surprise. They see Migdalo has eaten so much food he takes up the whole room. Migdalo has a vacant expression on his face as he recites mathematical equations and advances words that they can't comprehend. When they pull out their guns, Migdalo yells angrily and slaps them out of the way. Tony throws mints out the window as a deterrent and Migdalo jumps out the window after them killing himself as he splatters on the ground. Caesar recommends that Tony not bite into Migdalo as he may go crazy from whatever was driving Migdalo crazy.

Later that night outside the apartment, Caesar meets with Mason Savoy holding a vile of blood from Migdalo. They see D-Bear delivering illegal chicken to Mother Clucker's but they move on to more important matters.

The next morning, people in the neighborhood are shocked to see Mother Clucker's has a "open for business" sign up.


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