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  • Kopy Kat Workers (First Appearance) (Single appearance)
  • Dan Franks

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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Penya Chew 001

Holly Penya speaks with Colby about company policies.

John Colby tries dialing Tony Chu but he doesn't pick up. His new boss immediately starts riding him about taking personal phone calls on company time. John was paired with his new lion partner, where at the USDA everyone's partner is an animal.

Dan Franks explains as to Tony Chu that as a sports writer for Mercury Sun, we was looking for a new project. Since he was dumped by Amelia Mintz for Tony, he took his revenge by kidnapping Tony and making him eat dead baseball players to help write his book on the love lives of sports players, since they have the craziest and sexiest love lives. When Tony gets a phone call, Dan and his henchman beat the crap out of Tony and smash his phone.

John heads to Kopy Kat where he got a tip that illegally printed money was popping up around town. It was hard to trace since the food was made out of a plant and disintegrated within a week. When he investigated and found the Kopy Kat business was buying a quarter ton of yams each week. John's lion sniffs around the building and pops open a box in the corner with yams in it. When the goons behind the counter are about to reach for their guns, Buttercup the lion jumps up on the counter and growls at them.

At the USDA HQ, Director Penya lauds the good work of Buttercup and ignores John Colby's efforts. When John Colby protests he's given more paperwork as all the USDA members cheers and throw Buttercup in the air to celebrate. John curdles behind his desk to call Tony and pleads with his voicemail that he needs out of there and is freaking out.

Tony continues to eat baseball players and tells Dan Franks about the crazy and exotic love lives of the baseball players. Each time he eats a player, he learns skills to help him escape like untying knots, double-jointed slips, and contortionism. As Tony slips out of the knots when everyone is upstairs, he creeps paste a couple of men sleeping on the couch but Dan Franks knocks Tony out with a bat.

John Colby is sound asleep in the bed with Director Penya lying wide-eyed awake next to him.


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