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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

In eastern EuropeTony Chu parachutes in to the Vampire's home. A butler politely invites him in and tells him the master has been expecting him.

The Vampire recalls killing people for their skills. He's accumulated Coquerafthartos (One can live long time when eating a specific food), Lubodeipnosophistes (One can seduce someone when eating with them), Cibocelerent (Cook very fast), Mnemocoquus (Cook memories into dishes), Cibolocutor from Fatanyeros, Cibolinguist (Speak the language of whatever nationality you are cooking in), Sabopictor from Quindim Buongio-Vannis, Lagamousikian (Able to string guitars with pasta noodles), and Mixosecerner (Creating drinks to tell you secrets). 

Elsewhere, Caesar Valenzano and Mason Savoy meet with John Colby. Unbeknownst to John, Olive Chu is there as she is training with them and continues to hide in the closet.

Mason takes John to Senator David Eccles's speech. His head is in the shape of a hamburger as that is the last thing he ate. Mason explains a Bromaformutare takes on the shape of whatever he eats. David takes a bit of apple pie and calls himself American and turns into an apple pie. Mason tells John he has a seat on food safety board and senatorial aerospace. He believes Eccles knows something about the poultry prohibition and wants to find out what. He wants John to shoot him so he can take a bite and learn what he knows.

That night, John helps break into the Senator's home. He uses his cybernetic enhancements to take a picture as the Senator eats chicken in private. Mason tells Eccles that he now works for him or the picture will end up on the internet where his voters will see their food safety board member eating chicken.

The Vampire offers Tony a chance to work for him. He tells him to collect powers for him and he will be his second in command. If he refuses, he will end up like his sister. He suddenly disappears. Tony discovers the Vampire is also a Mnemcibarian, one who can create unforgettable meals. The butler enters and tells him the Vampire is not there and that he's on a collection run in Munich. He asks Tony for his answer to the Vampire's offer.

Tony stabs the butler in the head, licks the butler's blood, and continues his hunt for the Vampire. He says aloud that he'll never work with the Vampire. 


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