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  • Poyo (Cameo) (flashback only)




Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Several months earlier, Toni Chu visits Tony Chu as he's still recovering at Our Lady of the Broken Femur Hospital.[1] When Amelia Mintz entered the room, Toni decided to take off. As she was leaving, Amelia sensed something was suspicious and asked Toni why she was limping.

Even earlier, Toni stood over her foot with a knife ready to cut off one of her toes. When she heard a knock, she answered the door and found Sage Chu, who claimed she was in trouble. Sage explained she accidentally used her Cibropanthropatic powers to be able to see memories of someone who was eating the same thing. She tried to order something strange, but when gangster Federico Biscotti ordered the same thing sitting behind her, she saw his memories of killing someone. She called him out and yelled, "murderer" disrupting the restaurant. When his henchman gave chase, she escaped into an alley and found her way to Toni's. They joke about how their powers are bad but not as bad as Tony or Chow's.

Outside the restaurant, Paneer warned Toni it is outside the jurisdiction of NASA to go after Federico Biscotti. Toni gave Paneer the doe-eyes and he agreed to go in anyways. She told him not to forget the plan and "enter" the way they had talked about. They asked Toni about bringing guns and Toni reminds them her finger isn't the way it used to be after it was bitten of by Poyo.[2]

Inside, Toni starts to grill Biscotti and tells him to leave Sage alone. He laughs and asks what she's going to do against the Kigyoushin Assassins. Suddenly, Paneer in an astronaut bursts into the building with a jetback setting one of the assassins in flames and shoots a green laser gun incapacitating the other. The police arrive to take them to jail.

Back at Toni's apartment, Sage and Toni embrace and are excited they help each other out. Toni takes a bite of Sage's shoulder to use her Cibovoyant powers. Toni tells Sage she'll be fine as she left the building. Toni turns back to the bathroom where she picks up her knife to try to cut off her toe again.


  • The cover is an homage to the Looney Tunes show.


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