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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

At an FDA Supermax Food Prison, John Colby enters to see Mason Savoy. He passes through strict security scanning where others are caught attempting to sneak food into the facility.

At his apartment, Tony Chu recalls going to prom with Min "Mindy" Tso and getting caught by her data making out in his car. While General Tso began physically hurting Tony, Min jumped in the way and told her dad she loved him.

As Tony snaps out of his vision, Olive Chu hands him her plate and tells him that he must have gotten Mom's toe as she has Toni Chu's. Upon switching plates, Toni begins warning him and giving him instructions on what to do. She was able to do this with her Cibovoyant visions. Chow Chu suddenly arrives and tells them he's in trouble and needs their help.

He tells them about Ken Keebler coming to his restaurant proposing to perform a review of his food. What he didn't know, was Ken is a Eroscibopictaros, one who can make food porn with food pictures.

Chow is terrified of his reputation if his food ends up in food porn magazines. Tony continues biting Toni's toe periodically to get visions of the future per her instructions. Upon entering a brief scuffle, Tony subdues Ken and his men. Chow smashes his harddrives and destroys the photos so his food wouldn't be published in his smut magazines. Tony and Chow hug per a request from Toni but they both shudder in disgust.

In Kansas, John picks up the phone to talk with Mason. He tells him everything is going as planned and calls him partner. They smiles as they had planned for Mason to get captured by Mason tells him not to rough him up so much next time.[1]


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