Quote1 Why work against each other? Why keep secrets? We've got a chance to do something. And we'll have strength in numbers. Quote2
-- John Colby

Appearing in the 1st Story

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Naval Admiral Honeybottom
  • Dr. Gottfried Ossetrina (Single appearance)
  • Professor Newton Figliomini (Single appearance)
  • Marine Biologist Nori (First Appearance)
  • Bon-Bon (First Appearance)
  • Gumdrop (Single appearance)

Villains :

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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Tony Chu attends the funeral of Sammich J. Harper along with other members of NASA, USDA, Navy, and FDA. They all give Tony the evil eye and Tony ducks away to call John Colby. However, John is busy with Mike Applebee's family. He has just completed marrying Mike and looks out at his family and EVERYONE in the group looks exactly like Mike, including the babies and women. Mike whips his head around when he hears Tony Chu on the phone with John. He reiterates the only rule is absolutely NO Tony Chu at the reception but he was allowed to invite anyone else. John reminds him that he understood the rule, and instead invited another person of his choosing. Suddenly, in walks Mason Savoy.

Chew Vol 1 42 001

The Applebee family reunion!

Hours later at a Navy Yamapalu underwater station, Tony Chu arrives in disguise. He's told his cover story is he is an aquatic weapons expert and is NOT here to investigate the murder of Sammich J. Harper. The administrator tells him Sammy the Seal found something he wasn't supposed to on Level E. He introduces him to the four scientists that were working on Level E with Sammi. He's warned to be careful as his life could be in danger if they were to find out he was investigating them. He tells Tony he has three weeks down here. Tony suddenly pieces together that Applebee set him up on yet another dangerous assignment. He rips off his disguise and orders everyone to freeze upon order of the FDA. He uses his Cibopathic skills to investigate each person. When he gets to Dr. Conner Coulibiac, who is also a Piscivoresoph, he is attacked by his head turning into a shark and attempts to eat Tony. He announces that Sammi was eating his fish and his brain needs fish to survive. Tony uses one of the mussels and uses his baseball skills to throw it into Conner's brain and it explodes. He quickly turns around and tells them the case is solved as he leaves.

Conner Coulibiac Chew 001

Conner Coulibiac has fish for brains.

Meanwhile at the Applebee family celebration, Applebee sits down with Savoy who is wanted by the FDA for murder of Evan Pepper.[1] Together, they talk about being stronger together. Savoy will help them uncover the secrets of the end of the world and fire-writing in the sky, and in return Mason will help them capture The Collector. Applebee agrees and Mason tells him good, as he's invited someone else as well and brings in Olive Chu.

Tony prepares to leave. The Administrator asks if he wants to stick around as Dr. Nori has just finished calibrating the device to translate the Dolphin, Gumdrop's, speech. Tony declines and leaves. Meanwhile, Gumdrop comes out of the water and yells through Dr. Nori's translation device, "Chicken is Doom!!!"


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