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-- Amelia Mintz

Appearing in "Blood Puddin', Part 2 of 5"

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Plot Synopsis for "Blood Puddin', Part 2 of 5"

At U.S. Food and Drug Administration Headquarters, Director Breadman calls John Colby into his office. He tells him to find the missing agent, Poyo. John become worried as he know he's responsible for his death. He leaves and rushed to the trash can where he had left him.[1] Seconds later, Breadman calls Tony Chu into his office as well and tells him to tail John.

When John arrives at the trashcan, he pulls out the bird and Tony pops out and places him under arrest for the murder of a federal agent.

John wakes up from his dream in his apartment in a cold sweat. He walks into work and Breadman orders him to investigate Poyo just like he did in his dream.

Meanwhile at Our Lady of the Broken Femur Hospital, Tony sits with his wife and daughter. Tony is called into work. He hugs Amelia Mintz goodbye. She tells him she'll stay watch over Olive Chu while he's out. As Tony leaves and Amelia's back is turned, Olive snaps her head as she was pretending to still be asleep.

Tony stops by Mason Savoy's room as he leaves. As Mason is still passed out, Tony threatens him for taking his ear, his daughter, and his partner from him. As Tony leaves, Mason snaps his head towards him revealing that he was still awake as well.

Benjamin Hanna Davis Chew 001

Benjamin Davis steals money to support the Bon Vivant Diner Club.

As Tony arrives at work, Deshawn Berry quickly rebuffs him and asks where he's been as they have work to do. He explains that the Bon Vivant group has returned. This time they have gone legit and donate large amounts of money to get their specimen. This time they found a large dinosaur. Deshawn tells him he believes the man pulling the strings is Benjamin Davis Hanna, a known Vectulactirutare, able to create noxious gas from spoiled milk. When they enter the building, Tony overzealous, pulls out his gun and tells Benjamin to freeze when he sees he has no milk nearby. Benjamin burbs and Deshawn tells Tony he didn't let him finish. He thinks he's really a vectuciborutare, able to create noxious gas based on the age of what he eats. Deshawn punches Benjamin out and they arrest him.

Chew Vol 1 47 001

As they return to Headquarters, Tony gets a call from Nurse Daggertooth. She tells him that Mason Savoy has abducted his daughter and wife.

However, what really happened is Amelia stepped out of the room for a bit. While she was gone, Mason attempted to sneak in. When Amelia returned, she began to attack Mason.


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