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Chris Eliopoulos

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Chris Eliopoulos
Anthony J Avon; Beth Ann Jenks; Spike; Audra Verde

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Professional History

Chris Eliopoulos is a cartoonist and letterer of comic books. He is known as a prolific letterer, in particular for hand-lettering the first 100 issues of the ongoing Savage Dragon series even after much of the comic book industry (including Eliopoulos himself, on other titles) had come to rely on computer-generated fonts for dialogue; this was done at Savage Dragon creator Erik Larsen's request, Larsen preferring the individual look of hand-lettered dialogue.

Eliopoulous is also known for his comic strip Desperate Times, featuring the misadventures of bachelor losers Marty and Toad, which ran as a back-up feature in Savage Dragon, and later Desperate Times comics from Savage Dragon publisher Image Comics and AAArgh! Comics.

Eliopoulos also contributed lettering work to Valiant Comics, DC Comics, and other publishers. For Dark Horse Comics, Eliopoulos wrote and/or drew some Star Wars stories.

Following the tragedy of 9/11, Eliopoulos contributed a moving story to a Marvel Comics benefit book about how his family was affected by the event, which shares the date of his wedding anniversary.

On the side, he has managed to contributed hundreds of cartoon strips to the book series "The Complete Idiot's Guide..." on almost every imaginable topic. He's also created dozens of custom cartoons for prestigious clients including Sports Illustrated.

He is currently the artist and co-writer on Marvel Comics' former back-up feature and current series of one-shot comics, Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius, teamed with writer Marc Sumerak. The first one-shot in the series was nominated for an Eisner Award and a Harvey Award in 2005.


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