Contessa Codename Baboushka 001
Real Name
Contessa Annika Malikova
Current Alias

Marital Status
Mafiya Leader


Baboushka is the last scion of the House of Malikov. She came to the USA three years ago claiming political asylum when the Russian Federation began to back her rival gang members.

She is a skilled assassin and ex-Mafiya leader. She was approached by the Extrajudicial Operations Network to perform a job for them that the CIA wouldn't touch. An illegal rackateer was selling his business and they wanted to bankroll her to buy it for them.[1]

Baboushka Codename Baboushka 001

Contessa infiltrates with guns blazing.

She sneaked onto a boat in the Indian Ocean to join the bidding war for the ex-CIA's intel. She ran into Seamus Stirling, an ex-lover, and tricked him into sleeping with her. While he wasn't looking, she sneaked a bug into his room to learn about the location of the bidding.[2]

She later broke into the room and sat down to bid with the other illegal dealers. However, they were interrupted by Somali Pirates and Bob Felton, the rackateer, was shot in the process. Baboushka realized she may never get her intel.[2] She had Gyorgy call in to tell Clay the deal was off, however Clay did not accept the situation. He told them they needed to retrieve the data still. As Contessa sneaked around the shop, Seamus found her and knocked her out. He dialed into the Somali pirates he found the girl and revealed he was their boss and was behind the raid.[3]

Codename Baboushka Conclave of Death Vol 1 1 001

When she woke up from the strike, she quickly attacked her captors and escaped. She destroyed the scrambler in the process and reestablished comms with Gyorgy. She headed to the basement where she stumbled across enough C4 to destroy the ship.[4]

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