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Crusade is a superhero from the Wildstorm Universe seen in the Union series. He was a brief ally of Union during Issues #1 and #2 of Volume 2 in the Union series.

Crusade was first seen in the skies above New York. He was seen by Jill Monroe who relayed the news to Union, whom she thought was actually already confronting Crusade. As Union investigated, he discovered Crusade was in a fight against Union's boyhood friend Serren. Afterwards, Serren was knocked out of the sky by a heavy blow from the very powerful Crusade.[1][2] This prompted Union to fight Crusade, although his efforts were gravely outmatched in terms of sheer size and strength. Serren, who had crashed onto the streets of the city, was revived and thus returned to the fight to explain the details of the truth behind the fight. Crusade and Union ceased fighting and listened.

Based on Serren's account, Crusade realized Serren was a pawn mind-controlled by Crusade's mortal enemy Mnemo. He also declared his knowledge bestowed to him by the Divine Ones that gave him clairvoyance, thus allowing him to know the location of Mnemo. The three rested first for one night before starting out on their mission. Serren was fading as his Justice Stone, tampered by Mnemo who would later explain he repaired to save his life, was in fact failing. Serren was urged by his friend Union to rest once more. During Serren's sleep, Union and Crusade talked. Union revealed his thoughts about what it meant to him being a warrior and being noble and how his life as a man and a warrior did not measure to those standards. He hailed Crusade for being everything he was not and admitted that for the first time in his life, he was glad he was not the perfect warrior. Crusade gave no comment on the matter. The next morning, they resumed their journey. They were confronted by the Chinese Air Force as they neared the mountains of Eastern Asia. Crusade, in an overzealous fury, attacked the fighter planes sent to intercept them, flying into the wing of one of the planes, sending it hurling into one of the mountain ranges as the pilot ejected. Serren saw the crash opened up a fake covering in the mountain. Following the opened path, the three confronted Mnemo in his lair. Mnemo explained how he saved Serren's life by repairing his Justice stone and reconstructing the Justice Staff as close as he could make it resemble Union's in function and design. However, he admitted he added extra compensators to help regulate the energy coursing through Serren and thus removed them during his conversation with Union and Crusade. This left Serren in a dangerous "nova" time-bomb state. Crusade was set on destroying Mnemo, but Union stopped him and appealed to Crusade's loyalty as a warrior to help him escape with Serren. After Union went into outer space with Serren, Union watched his friend's body self-destruct. He returned to earth where Crusade was waiting. Crusade explained that he did not know if Mnemo as alive after the Chinese Air Force bombed his lair. Union shared the news of Serren's passing to Crusade who offered his condolences for the loss. He suggested that they should rejoice in Serren's heroic passing, yet Union felt Serren died horribly in a world that neither of them were from or were truly loved in. Afterwards, Crusade and Union flew together back towards "home", but Union left Crusade as he began talking once more about his alleged quest charged to him by the Divine Ones. Crusade was not seen or heard from again from that point on.


Crusade is a loyal warrior who carries a strong sense of honor and justice. He is uncompromising in his principles and goals and will take any measure to achieve his victories in the name of the Divine Ones. It is not known who the Divines Ones are that Crusade constantly referred to, but he clearly devoted his life to their glory. His honor is shown when he remained with Union and Serren even after citing that Serren's declining health was slowing their progress to find Mnemo. In his quest to achieve his goals, Crusade has shown a low tolerance for insults and any slander towards his honor. This is mainly the reason behind his short temper as he is quick to avenge or uphold his honor.

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  • Multilingualism: Crusade can learn any language just by hearing few words of it.

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