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Plot Synopsis for "Cataclysm"

Angela is ripped back into space from short journey to Earth.[1] She realizes she mus stop the pulses from reaching Earth or it will be shattered.

Angela recalls Katherine sending her off with her Hunting Permit and Dimensional Lance. Katherine had all the confidence in Angela and claimed she only trained the best.

Angela is once again pushed to Limbo, where she finds the Capitol City-Prison in ruins. She runs into Callindra. They are suddenly attacked by Demonoids. As she is slowly beaten, she sees the bones and bodies about her, which angers her. She uses this to fuel her rage and beat the Demonoid per Katherine's training.[2] They rush to the ruined capitol for shelter as they are continually attacked by Demonoid beasts.

Inside, they run into Angela's sister in arms, Lilith, holding an Elysian-Lock. As they battle, Deurges interrupts and steals the Time-Clock and escapes. As the battle continues, Angela teleports herself and Lilith back to Pentagas-Fraser. Angela throws Lilith into the Argus in her rage and smashes the Elysian-Lock. She then takes out her emotional anger on the Argus and chops it into bits.

Kuan Yin and Anahita suddenly appear and ask what they've missed. Filled with rage, Angela announces she's coming for Deurges.



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