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Plot Synopsis for "Sympathy For An Angel I"

A "newbie" walks into the bar and asks for a drink known to kill humans. The bartender, Poacher, and several others start laugh thinking he'd kill himself. He further demonstrates his newbie knowledge by asking from where the golden plate of armor behind the bar has come.

Poacher then tells him about Abdiel, one of the oldest Angels. Abdiel was a strong angel and fough many battles for Heaven but grew angry at waiting and always letting Hell make the first move. His next missions involved him getting closer to Malebolgia so that he may kill him. Abdiel feigned becoming a fallen angel to enter Hell and discover more about Malebolgia's plans with the future new Hellspawn, Albert Simmons. His orders were to kill Malebolgia before he made his next move.

Upon arriving in Hell, he was escorted by Smuggler to an entry point. When several individuals attempted to stop him, Abdiel flexed his power and vanquished them. Malebolgia appeared before him after seeing the exhibition of his might.


  • The issue is dedicated to Kirk Dilbeck.


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