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Plot Synopsis for "Sympathy For An Angel II"

Six months later, Abdiel walks by a Hellspawn and Violator arguing over a poker match. They both scatter when they see Abdiel walking near them.

Malebolgia summons Abdiel and asks him personal questions. He coyly asks about running Heaven's errands and make them sound dogmatic and too structured.

Abdiel was summoned back to Heaven. He's told by General Cheriour that Albert Simmons will be born soon and his time to kill Malebolgia will have arrived. Before embarking back to Hell, Abdiel made a pitstop at Badlands Saloon and Grill to left his breast plate with Poacher.

In Hell, Abdiel moves to make his kill on Malebolgia. Malebolgia speaks out loud about being able to question your boss openly. Suddenly, Abdiel gets an abort command from base and stops his kill of Malebolgia.

Abdiel returns to Heaven. He thinks further on Malebolgia's comment about asking your boss anything and walks into God's office and asks if he's performing his will. God sends him to Hell for asking. Abdiel finds Malebolgia is waiting for him. He smiles as he knew he had planted the seed to get him kicked out of Heaven all along.

At the bar, the newbie can't believe the story. Suddenly Abdiel walks in wearing Malebolgia's symbol and the newbie decides to leave.


  • The issue is dedicated to Robert Simpson and Kyle Baker.


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