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Plot Synopsis for "Twist of Fate"

Tony Twist recalls his upbringing and rise to Mafia boss. He recalls loving weddings.

In the present at the Cozello wedding, he had his goons smash the cameras of Federal agents taking pictures of all the Mafia members at the wedding. As he enjoys the wedding he sees little Joey looking sad. As Joey walks over he pulls back his shirt and reveals someone attached a bomb to his chest. Seconds later, the bomb goes off killing many of the Mafia members at the wedding, however, Twist escapes the blast.

Twist soon finds all his businesses are getting hit around town and he losing his power. His men are being killed and businesses are being destroyed. He calls Jason Wynn and asks for help. Wynn tells him he's upset some people too powerful even for him to stop. Wynn tells him they are mad about him losing Overt-Kill and he's on his own for getting out of the predicament.

Twist decides to make a stand. He needs to a warehouse and arms himself with weapons and decides to find out who had been coming for him.


  • The issue is dedicated to William F. Ashe.


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