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Vincent D'Egallo and Tony Twist continue to crack skulls to discover who is after him. Ray Orson hacks into his computer to find out there is a limousine company that is being run as a cover. When Ray is hacked back, Twist and Vincent realize the danger and run out of the building right as it explodes from a satellite attack.

They head to the limo company. Vincent discovers several hit men working inside. He is caught off guard when the whole building blows up. He pulls himself out of the wreckage, barely alive.

Twist visits his reverend brother, Bernardo Twistelli, who tells him he's a disgrace to the family name. He tells Tony the Vatican Secret Police, the world's most powerful organization, is coming for someone in his organization. This unknown person is an immortal who was a member of the Order of the Knights Templar. They are afraid he will convert Spawn to be a believer and want to take him out first.


  • The issue is dedicated to Tim Tomas.


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