Appearing in "Deadland"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Suzette (Single appearance)


Other Characters:

  • Barry Esteridge (Single appearance)
  • New York City Police Department
  • Mrs. Hatchett (Single appearance)
    • Pete Hatchett (Single appearance)
    • Jasmine Hatchett (Single appearance)
  • Steve Skirvish (Single appearance)




Plot Synopsis for "Deadland"

In New York City, Ryan Hatchett prepare to commit suicide and jump off a populous bridge. The police are on their megaphones attempting to talk him down. His mom stands by, uncaring of his predicament. Ryan curses at his girlfriend and jumps off to his death. A bolt of lightning, shockingly teleports him to a distant alley.

In the alley, a bum moans about fresh meat and lurches towards towards Ryan. Ryan has his arm burn by the man before slicing his neck with a wood shank. The Freak appears in the shadows and maniacally laughs at Ryan as he takes off running.

Ryan walks home. Along the way he witnesses the city on for with no fire trucks coming to put it out. He opens the for to his house to find his family butchering each other. He runs out in horror.

He runs into the alleys and spots his girlfriend with two bullies from school. He pushed them off of her and escape with her. She thanks him but is confused as Ryan died six months ago. She tells him Zombie Spawn has taken over and the living run from him. She explains an asteroid not the earth months ago. At the core was Zombie Spawn and millions of worms. Once the world buried themselves underground, the dead walked the earth again.

When Suzette admits she loves him, Ryan dies as well and they kiss. A shooting pain goes through Ryan and Suzette runs away wondering if he had become a zombie as well. The Freak watches from the rooftop laughing. He jumps down and send him with axes and hatchets. He did him Hatchet, savior of the new world. Ryan prepares to take off and The Freak looks at him and see not the young boy Ryan, but a zombie appearance killer. He tells him to save Suzette who is being held captive by Zombie Spawn. He tells Ryan if he kills Spawn the world will return to normal.

Ryan breaks into the Statue of Liberty where Zombie Spawn's base is located. He bests him in battle and free Suzette. However, she does in fear seeing the zombie he has become. The Freak tells him to prepare by killing more zombies.


  • The issue is dedicated to Gillian Ashe.


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