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Plot Synopsis for "Overt-Hell"

At Area 51, Pandemic sits in a high security containment cell. He recalls his younger years when he had dreams of being the president and believed in his country. He joined the army to honor the presidents before him that also served.

When he discovered down things were motivating the US interests he approached his Naval superiors. They all ordered him to stand down and rebuked him for insolence. He recalls his house being burnt to the ground with his parents and fiance inside. He was soon captured and tortured to reveal what he knows. However, Unger has nothing left to lose so he doesn't crack.

Unger is approached with and offer for revenge. A government officials plays a tape of Overtkill killing his fiance. They ask pandemic to seek revenge on him and send him on a plane to New York City.

Upon confronting Overtkill, instead of attacking Pandemic offers him a chance for revenge on the men who turned him into a cyborg. He seems Overtkill to Greenland and watched him destroy it. He thinks how this is the beginning of his act to purge the US government.


  • The issue is dedicated to J. & Dana Nichols.


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