Appearing in "Return of Suture, Part 2 - Bleed"

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  • Dr. Iran Sanders (First Appearance)


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Plot Synopsis for "Return of Suture, Part 2 - Bleed"

Suture perches high above New York City on a building. She wonders if this life of here for any good.

In Long Island, Dr. Ian Sanders lives a successful and wealthy life as therapist and talk show radio host. He drives his vehicle to an storage facility where he had store his 22 women he murdered in jars. Suture surprises him and take him away.

Sanders awakens in Suture's high rise home. She tells him he will heal her as she grown tired of her life. She tells him how her parents where elitists and wanted to me envied by everyone. She tells him how her parents pushed her into ballet and to marry Wayne Tannanger for money. She thinks about her whole life bring lived for others. Only note, as Suture, does she live for herself. Suture releases Sanders now that she sees the truth.

Upon arriving home, Sanders is attested as the police found his car at the storage facility.


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