Quote1 These days, people are either good or evil. No grey area. Quote2
-- Kymberli

Appearing in "Last Rites"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Robbers
    • Devin
    • Wayne
    • Zack

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Plot Synopsis for "Last Rites"

Jonathan Custer walks around as the caretaker of Purgatory. He elects how it has become a desolate and barren location.

Kymberli arrives with orders from above. She informs him the location will soon be shut down and turned into a training facility. Custer decide he needs to increase the value of purgatory.

Two robbers are brought to purgatory and told they must make it through the maze in time in order to enter Heaven. They take off running through the maze. When one teaches the end at the last moment, a bolt of lightning sets him on for to Custer's dismay. Kymberli returns him and tells him his judgment has become clouded.


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