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  • Strike Team
    • Root
    • Al
    • Joey


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Plot Synopsis for "Fire in Mind II"

As Werner Zevon flies through the Distortion Zone, he has vivid visions of being strangled by machinery as the enter No Man's Archipelago. He meets Mortie who tells him they are on a time crunch to reanimate Cy-Gor.

Fatima and Sasa drive a boat into the ocean. Fatima is obsessed with trying to get Gregor back.

Mortie starts the final phase of programming Cy-Gor. A sudden power outage stops their experiment. Morrie tells him sometimes this happens when the distortion buoys go out.

Cy-Gor frees Gregor and Cary's him around as he tried to escape with him.

A strike team is called in to subdue Cy-Gor. However, Cy-Gor take them out one by one and disable his own override chip so he can't be controlled anymore. He then places the self destruct bomb in the troops trucks. The troops freak out Cy-Gor is taking them out. When they decided to activate the self destruct, their own truck blows up.

Cy-Gor swims out to gypsies and returns Gregor to them. They are abhorred to see Gregor turned into a cyborg monkey.


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