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Plot Synopsis for "Exqisite Corpse"

Cy-Gor stumbles across the macabre experiments of Lucienne Sangfroid, a murderous artist who transforms his still-living victims into deranged sculptures. Admirers offer her a half million for a man in a jar, struggling to break free. The gypsies collect their money for bringing Werner.

Werner is her next victim. She place her current victim in a jar with his legs and tongue cut off.

Cy-Gor becomes hungry and starts eating humans to satisfy his hunger. When Mortie and his team arrive, they follow the trail of bodies into the subway tracks.

Cy-Gor breaks into Lucienne's room before he can harm Werner. He frees Warner but grabs Lucienne.

When the couple interested in the sculptures return, they are impressed to see a sculpture of Lucienne drowning in a jar. Unknown to them, it really is Lucienne and Cy-Gor had placed him inside.


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