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Cybernary is a comic book series created by the late comic book artist Nick Manabat with writer Steve Gerber and published by Wildstorm Productions in 1990. It tells about the story of a cybernetic anti-heroine, Katrina Cupertino.

Publication history

Cybernary began as a backup story to Jim Lee's hugely successful run on Deathblow and offered great promise, but Manabat's work on the series was cut short with his untimely demise due to a longtime illness. The storyline was continued through various comic mini-series, first by Steve Gerber with art by Jeff Rebner and Richard Friend. On the post-Manabat series, Gerber remarked, "The artist, unfortunately, had no feel for the kind of cyber-civilization we were trying to portray. I admit, I lost interest a couple of issues into the series." [1]

A second Cybernary, based on Yamiko Gamorra, herself, was created in a short story written by Tommy Yune for the Wildstorm Thunderbook that overlapped with some of the events of The Authority. The story was continued by Joe Harris for a six-part Cybernary 2.0 mini-series.

Character biography

Katrina's story takes place in the Wildstorm Universe on the fictional post-apocalyptic island of Gamorra, where she is implanted with the consciousness of Kaizen Gamorra's lost daughter Yamiko, and rebuilt into an experimental killing machine.

Cybernary spent some time dimension-hopping with Savant's unofficially super-hero team called Savant Garde. There she fought side by side with Savant herself, Mr. Majestic, Sheba, who is a cat-girl and many other heros, some of who resembled Cybernary herself.


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