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Daniel Castle
Good Samaritan (cousin, deceased)
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Daniel Castle was an ordinary citizen who attempted to hide his past from his girlfriend. His cousin was the Good Samaritan and left their hometown of Buckaroo to become one of the famous Buckaroo Butchers. He lived a normal life in Atlanta until his past was uncovered.


Daniel was born Daniel Webster. He was intelligent and excelled at school and received straight A's. However, no college would accept him due to his background of being born in Buckaroo. He changed his name to Daniel Castle and entered a local community college. He graduated and worked for several years keeping his head low.[1]

A Devil Killer appeared in Atlanta and quickly claimed seven lives where he would dress innocent victims up as devils before he killed them. Daniel was monitored and taken down by local police SWAT squad. He was beaten during the arrest as he was suspected to be the Devil Killer. His past of being born in Buckaroo further implicated him as a potential serial killer during his interrogation.[2]

FBI agent, Abigail Barker, was sent to investigate but she called for backup when she learned about Daniel's past.[2] Nicholas Finch arrived to interrogate him. However, Finch soon believed Daniel that he didn't perform the murders and ordered for him to be released. However, it was with the intention of following him. Daniel left the jail and met with his girlfriend, Brandy. She promptly dumped him upon meeting with him claiming she didn't appreciate the lies about his past. He then received a call and learned he was fired from his job due to the publicity. He ducked into a building where Finch and Barker followed. They discovered Edward Warren covered in blood in front of a victim that appeared to have died by the hands of the Devil Killer.[1]

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