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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

In the aftermath of the explosion, Billy and Saya take to the streets. Saya reminds Billy the goal is to not get caught so they can't turn around to help Marcus or Maria.

Lex sings exuberantly that they won because of his skills and bombs. As he turns the corner, he finds Marcus and Maria held at gun point by El Alma del Diablo and his crew. Pale Face turns and blows a hole in Lex's head. Using the distraction, Marcus and Maria spring into action. Maria releases the dust storm trick she was taught and they attempt to escape. Alma del Diablo knocks on the side of a truck, and Chico's brother comes out on a motorcycle. He begins chasing them as Pale Face jumps on the back to help.

As they are chases, Maria places her bloody hands on the door of a bus. Seeing the blood stains, Chico's brother and Pale Face chase the bus. Maria and Marcus actually got on a separate bus and used the blood stains as a distraction. While on the bus, Maria kisses Marcus and apologizes. Marcus says he feels bad for leaving her. She tells him she's always left by the men in her life. They decide to setup a trap as they know Alma's men will follow their bus once they discover the stains were a decoy.

As Chico's brother rides his motorcycle towards them, Marcus surprises them by ramming the bus into them. Pale Face jumps off the back of the motorcycle and hold Maria captive. Marcus lunges at her with a large iron pole and impales Pale Face. Alma arrives and injects Maria with a sedative as Alma's right hand man tackles Marcus and throws him off the bridge. Marcus falls down and has a flashback to the balloon he watched when his parents were killed by a jumper from the same spot.[1]


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  1. Deadly Class #1
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