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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

On May 6th, Marcus writes in his journal about Maria running away two months previously. He writes about how he knew it wouldn't have worked out as she was 'damaged goods'. However, like people who lose an arm and have phantom twitches, he still has a twitch for Maria.

He hops in a stolen sports car with Billy. The two cruise the streets high on drugs and live reckless. At a club, Marcus breaks down and throws an emotional tantrum. Billy leaves him for some girls. He walks home through the city and thinks Saya is great, but terrifying. Could he potentially be with someone like her he wonders.

Marcus calls Willie Lewis on the phone. He tells him he is thinking of telling Saya he loves her. Willie hangs up the phone without saying anything.

Later, Marcus and Saya sit at a dinner and talk about music. When Marcus spills his guts about loving her, she tells him that Willie just called her and said the same thing. She doesn't want to get between their friendship so she chooses neither.

Over the next few days, Marcus wonders if he truly loves Saya and Maria or if he's just looking for attention. Later, Willie tries to talk to Marcus. Marcus hits Willie telling him it's his fault Lex died. He tells going to admit the truth about his rep being fake.[1] Saya breaks up the fight and drags Willie away. Unseen from a distance, Victor watches them fight from a distance but doesn't get involved.

Wondering what to do with his life, Marcus recalls when he was a little kid and a picture his father had at their house. His dad was a surfer and compared life to surfing. A big wave comes at you and you have to try and grab a wave to ride and enjoy it.

Later, Petra finds Marcus sitting by himself at lunch. She asks if he wants to get friendly as it looks like he's lost all of his. Later that night, Marcus brings Shabnam to the party with him so he doesn't feel alone. Petra tells him she thinks Maria was killed to shut her up.

The next day, Marcus wakes up and realizes he slept with Kelly, the girl at the party Shabnam wanted to hook up with. Marcus begins wondering if the person who killed Maria really was Saya.


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  1. Deadly Class #3
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