Deadly Class Vol 1 15

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  • Willie's Friend, Gabe (Only appearance; dies)




Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Marcus thinks about the tribes people create around them. He believes it's all about fitting in and it's time he stops trying to follow other people's rules. He continues to get high on drugs and falls deeper and deeper into a narcissistic rant of how Saya and others are out to get him. Billy tells him to lay off the drugs. Marcus challenges him telling him each class gets halved in size. He asks if he thinks the school is killing the students off. He points out each class is halving in size and Billy tells him to lay off the drugs for a few weeks.

Deadly Class Vol 1 15 001.jpg
Saya hits Marcus for his accusations.
As Marcus leaves, Saya jumps down from a tree and surprises him outside. Marcus becomes agitated and accuses her of killing Maria to keep their secret and turning people against him. She punches him and tells him never to say the words again unless he wants to die.

Marcus meets with Petra at a schoolyard basketball game. Petra tells him how her parents were hippies. They eventually joined a death cult and met Master Lin at an orgy where they figured out a way to relieve themselves of their parent duties with her. She tells him to come to a part of hers later that night. As she leaves, Victor steps away from the game and threatens Marcus. He tells him he knows about what they did and how Lex died. He gives Marcus an ultimatum and tells him to come clean and turn himself in, or turn his friends in. If he doesn't, Victor will tell Master Lin for him in two days.

Marcus spends time thinking about what to do while continuing to get high on drugs. He hooks up with Petra and has visions of his mother. The next day, one of Willie's friends hangs out on the couch and asks if Marcus was telling the truth the other day while he was high on drugs. Did Willie really kill anyone. Marcus decides to drive a wedge between Willie and tells his friend, Gabe, that it's all fake, Willie is a liar. The boy runs off talking about how Willie is a big faker.

Later, the school walks outside to find Gabe strung up on a pole and murdered. Someone whispers that it must be a message as Willie and Saya glare at Marcus from across the crowd.


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