Quote1 People are nice to each other to the degree that they need each other. Quote2
-- Marcus Lopez Arguello

Appearing in the 1st Story

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Madison Schmitt (Only appearance; dies)

Other Characters:

  • Jess (Only appearance; dies)
  • Kyle (Only appearance; dies)




Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Master Lin has just announced the final exam is hunting and killing all rats. Marcus flees through the halls as a rat and knows his life is in danger.

The Soto Vatos yell out for revenge for Maria and El Alma del Diablo. As Marcus avoids their deadly strikes, he's surprised they even know about her and el Diablo. As he escapes from them, he suddenly finds himself pursued by the Death Spirit Squad. He grabs Petra as they both escape from the attacks from their peers. They duck into a janitor closet as the door is continually battered as their classmates attempt to break in.

Deadly Class Vol 1 17 001

Poison class comes in handy.

Elsewhere, Shabnam makes a proposal to Victor to team up. He tells him he has the dirt on all the rats and knows how to kill them. He needs Victor to be the brawn as a intelligence in military arrangement. Victor smiles and agrees as he accepts a large automatic weapon from Shabnam as a token of their new bond.

Marcus and Petra frantically discuss what to do next as the door is being beat down. Petra begins concocting a mixture of chemicals. As the Quarterback, Durp Flumpdunger, attempts to break down the door, Marcus opens it and he flies into the room. He runs into a mixture and Petra throws more on the cheerleaders. Their skin burns and they begin puking as Petra tells them her specialty is Toxicology.

Deadly Class Vol 1 17 002

Shabnam becomes the mastermind behind the rat hunt.

Elsewhere, Stephen is being pursued as a rat as well. Kendal saves him. Stephen is surprised as Kendal is not a rat. Kendel tells him he would do the same for him as they kiss and then Kendel tells him to run.

In the bathroom, Billy saves a woman from her boyfriend but is surprised when she turns on him as she didn't want her boyfriend to die. Saya and Willie break into the bathroom and save Billy from the girl. They offer a chance for him to come with them even though he is a rat. At the same time, Marcus and Petra run by and tell Billy to come with them. Billy decides to head with them as it's safer for a rat to hang out with his own kind.

Shabnam begins recruiting other members to their cause. As he gives a lecture on their plan of attack, several of Willie's gang-banger friends walk in. He tells them they could take out Willie for giving them a bad wrap and they agree to temporarily help him out.

Solicit Synopsis

NEW STORY ARC! The Kings Dominion school grounds become a killing field, and Marcus Lopez is hunted by his classmates for their final exam. Onetime friends and lovers become hunters in the dark, brandishing blades, bullets, and a burning desire to become best in class. Sign up with RICK REMENDER (BLACK SCIENCE, TOKYO GHOST), WES CRAIG (BLACK HAND COMICS), and JORDAN BOYD (INVISIBLE REPUBLIC, Planet Hulk) for the bloodiest year of DEADLY CLASS yet!


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