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  • Billy's Dad (First Appearance) (Death)

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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Marcus continues to trip on acid and images Billy wearing different clothes. When he spaces out and notices Billy is gone, he investigates a bumping sound in the next room. He stumbles into the room to find Billy attempting to strangle his father as he is thrown off his father's back. Marcus clubs his dad with a lamp. They agree to move the body but when they head back to their room, they realize Marcus locked them out. They decide to head down to the casino to find the others to get a backup key.

Marcus is distracted by the slot machines and starts playing. He wins a jackpot and is taken to a police interrogation room. They let him go when he agrees to give back the money and let them keep his fake ID.

Marcus stumbles into Maria's room who offers to have sex with him. Chico busts into the room and threatens them both. He slaps Maria and Marcus jumps out the window into the bushes below.

Marcus attempts to take off running but it tackled in a convenient store causing a ruckus with the patrons.


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