Appearing in the 1st Story

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Brandy Lynn (Cameo)
  • Gilbert (First Appearance) (flashback only) (Death)
  • Leticia (First Appearance) (flashback only) (Death)


Other Characters:




Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

In Juarez, Mexico in 1979 Maria's parents, Leticia and Gilbert, were discussing their food inventory. A sudden knock at the door alerted Gilbert who grabbed his gun. Upon opening the door, he found a small boy asking to buy tortillas. When he turns around the boy pulled out a hidden gun from under the tortillas and shot Gilbert. Another man jumped in from the window blowing a powder blinding everyone. He then proceeded to slit everyone's throat amidst the confusion. A man is dragged into the street where she met Chico's father.

Chico's father announced to the town that he won't let people go unpunished for stealing from him. He was hung on a cross, his family was murdered, and told that when he punishes people, he punishes them sevenfold. The young Maria begged them to let her father go. Chico pleaded they leave Maria alive and they agreed to use and train her in the ways.

At the King's Dominion Atelier of the Deadly Arts, Victor kicks in a door screaming he'll kills Maria and that she cannot hide. From the shadows, Maria jumps out blowing dust in his face blinding him and then knocking him down with her fans.

Master Zane interrupts and congratulates her on her exercise of defeating an overly zealous opponent. Victor mentions she's a great killer and everyone should just ask Chico. Maria runs away crying and Master Zane didn't hear Victor's comments, assuming Maria was just emotional from the training. Marcus is concerned for her but Shabnam grabs his arm warning him that if he follows everyone will know they're seeing each other and connect Chico's death with it.[1]

At the cafeteria, Marcus apologizes to Shabnam for not inviting him to Lex's party.[2] He promises to invite him, though Shabnam protests he didn't want to go, only to be invited.

Saya beckons Marcus outside. There, Saya shows him a newspaper article on the F-face murders and Marcus confirms it is him.

Marcus and Saya head to Lex's place since he is the only person on campus with the explosives skills to pull of the hit. Though he initially turns down the offer, Saya plays to his ego and gets him to accept the job. On their way out, Saya invites him to a concert but Marcus turns her down to see Maria.

Upon sneaking into her room, he sees Maria sobbing and an emotional wreck. He leaves without her knowing he was there.

He meets with Saya at the concert where they drink and party together. After the concert, they walk home together where he asks her to share something personal like why she's missing some of her knuckles. She kisses him.


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