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  • Cybernary (Cameo)
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Stephen
  • Janice Tyler




Synopsis for the 1st Story

At the White House in Washington, D.C., a friend of Rayna Masters meets with the First Lady. In Gamorra, Mai-Li leads Deathblow and Barker into Kaizen Gamorra’s compound via sewers.  She explains that Kaizen killed her entire family, except for her, when they rebelled over his genetic experiments.  The three fight their way past Hunter-Killers, and Mai-Li accesses the compound computers to locate Masters and Woodbern.  Gamorran security chief Hans Reuter learns of the breach and sends Minotaur, Borgia, and Gila to intervene.  Deathblow holds them off while Mai-Li and Barker get away.  Cray runs and comes across Gamorra’s body bank of Gen-Actives used to supply donor organs in exchange for political favors.  He also finds files on Team 7 and realizes Craven is working with Kaizen.  Mai-Li and Barker rescue Woodbern from interrogation.  She then cybernetically accesses the Gamorran detention system, releasing all its prisoners including Cybernary.  They fight their way into Kaizen’s office, but he shoots and injures Mai-Li.  Deathblow arrives followed by Minotaur, and Mai-Li sacrifices herself to stop Minotaur from killing him.  Frank Colby and IO Black Razors arrive on Craven’s orders and end the hostilities. Deathblow, Masters, and Barker leave with Colby.  Brain damage has left Woodbern an amnesiac.  Rayna thanks Colby for his help, but he credits the First Lady for pressuring Craven to intervene.


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