Della Caine

Della Caine Low 002
Real Name
Della Caine
Johl Caine (father, deceased),
Stel Caine (mother),
Tajo Caine (sister),
Marik Caine (brother)
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Della Caine Low 001

Della as a child was filled with hope.

At a young age, Della Caine was given a Truth Shell before her first hunt. Her father, Johl Caine believed it was time they learned to hunt and help provide for their people. While out, their Subx was attacked by pirates and Della was kidnapped by Roln.[1] She was sold from slavery to another city, Voldin.[2]

10 Years later

Low Vol 1 7 001

Della murders her lover, K-003, before the Ministry of Thought can take her.

After five years of still believing in positive thinking, like her mother had taught her, she eventually gave up. She began to blame herself in not believing enough and swallowed herself in a pit of despair accepting the inevitable death of humankind.[3] Della joined the Ministry of Thought, an organization who snuffed out free-thought and art. They believe hope was a form of destruction and stamped out all forms of hope for the people. At the time, she was dating an artist, K-003, and worked to hide her secret identity of being an artist but resented her for making her perform illegal work. When her lover's identity was compromised, Della returned home and killed her before she was taken by the Ministry.[4]

Low Vol 1 9 001

Della shows off her advanced fighting skills.

Della and the rest of the Ministry of Thought were soon pressed by [[Czar Dvonyen] (Low)|Czar Dvonyen]] to find the artists leaking information about the returned Probe. They are urged to crush it before hope becomes contagious amongst the people. Della soon receives a call from Lieutenant Wesal that they've found the artists printing the story and also the identity of who killed K-003. Della rushed to the scene to protect her identity as the killer, but was ambushed by Wesal and rogues Ministry members. Before she could be killed, her twin sister Tajo Caine arrives in a Helm Suit and slaughters the Ministry members. Tajo tells her that her mother has found the probe and needs Della's optimism to continue her push forward. Della agrees to head back with Tajo to meet up with her mother for the first time in 10 years.[5]

Soon, Della and Tajo returned home to Salus to recharge the Helm Suit. Della began to boss Tajo around and tell her that they needed to grab supplies and think practically to go after mom. Tajo tried to remind Della of believing in positive thinking and remember how mom would return home happier after visiting the Masaje. Della ordered her to finish packing and left to 'take care of a few things.' She headed to the temple to visit Masaje. When he tried to feed her lines about believing in the future, she murdered him. She returned back to the suit and stumbled into Tajo. Tajo brought along and introduced Marik's ex-wife, Lena, who has offered them her Subx to go after Stel.[6]

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  • Deception: Della lived for years with an artist, a profession considered illegal on Voldin.[4]
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Della is an advanced fighter able to take on multiple men with bullets whilst unarmed.[5]



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