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Jokum (son, deceased)

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Dengo was a poor, colorless robot janitor at the palace of Princess Robot when he went rogue and attempted to seek revenge on the Robot Kingdom.


His son, Jokum, became sick with a treatable disease and suffered from horrible diarrhea. He received no help since he was from the poor oppressed class, the colorless, and the Royals waged their war against Wreath. Dengo decided the Robot Kingdom cared more about the war than it's own people and decided to send a message. His plan was to help free those who were oppressed by seeking help from outsiders seeing their plight.

While Prince Robot IV was still missing, Dengo killed the rest of the palace faculty and sneaked into the room where the Princess coddled her newborn boy. After telling her the story of his son he stabbed her through the face and took the boy with him.[1] He massacred his way onto a ship and flew it to Gardenia where he planned to hijack the airwaves and broadcast his message to the world.[2]

Upon arriving, he approached several workers who were leaving the Open Circuit, a major TV show, and ordered them to broadcast his message. He murdered Slipjack and Trix when they didn't offer him any help and turned to Yuma. Under pressure from the gun, Yuma spilled everything she knew about the wartime baby, Hazel to him and said he may be able to use that to get back at the Robot Kingdom. He shot Yuma and headed towards the Wooden Treehouse to investigate this baby.[3]

Dengo infiltrated the ship and entered a scuffle with Alana and Klara. He eventually gained control of Klara and ordered them to particular coordinates.[4] Three months later, they arrived on Demimonde where he also summoned the Revolution.[5]

He soon started to question the Revolution's morality as they attempted to broker a deal with Vez and Wreath High Command to hand over Hazel to them. When Vez refused to deal while there was a Robot among their ranks, the Revolution's leader ordered that Dengo be terminated. At this point, Dengo flipped sides, killing their leader and helped Alana escape.[6] During their escape, the remaining members of the Revolution took off with Hazel and Klara still on board. Enraged, Alana, having been feigning friendship so Dengo would lower his guard, held Dengo at gunpoint, threatening to kill him. Just then they were found by Marko's company, including Prince Robot IV. Dengo eagerly confronted IV about the death of his son Jokum, but IV immediately killed Dengo and was reunited with his own son.[7]

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