Appearing in "Tin Stars, Part 2"

Featured Characters:

  • Dr. Jin Quon (appears in both flashback and main story)
  • Tim-21 (appears in both flashback and main story)

Supporting Characters:

  • Bandit
  • Driller Robot (First Appearance)
  • Tavers (First Appearance) (flashback only)
    • Mrs. Tavers (First Appearance) (flashback only) (corpse)
    • Andy Tavers (First Appearance) (flashback only)


Other Characters:




Plot Synopsis for "Tin Stars, Part 2"

Tim-21 recalls being created by Dr. Jin Quon. He was a class-A companion drone meant to assist, aid, and protect his assigned human. He remembers asking Dr. Quon if he was his father. Quon laughed and reminded him he wasn't truly alive. He recalls arriving on the colony and meeting his new Tavers family.

Over the next year, he grew close and protected the family. He became accepted and was even thrown a birthday party.

In the present, Tim takes off running to the mines. The scrapers give chase and fire their guns. As Bandit is attacked by a mutant dog, Tim uses his hand cannon to blast his attacker off of him. They duck into the mines where Tim stumbled upon the corpse of his mother.

The Scrappers corner Tim. His plasma canon recharges and he takes out their leader. In retaliation they blow a hole through him. They discuss his processor fetching them a pretty penny. A nearby driller robot suddenly awakens and attacks the humans and defends the incapacitated Tim.


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