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Dispatch was sent to monitor and report on Maria Kilbride's actions. Maria was researching the disappearance of several employees and told Dispatch of her theory about sonic rocks and mind control. He believed the missing Archaeologists experimented with sound and are now under the control of something else. Maria ordered Dispatch to find possible locations that people could be hiding.[1]

Later at Sawlung Hospital, Dispatch delivered blueprints of potential locations the people could be hiding to Maria. Maria looked at it and recommended a factory to investigate. Maria warned Dispatch that this could be an incursion of deep time or extraterrestrial invasion at best case. Maria ordered the place to be destroyed if she didn't return.[2]

Dispatch reported her discussions to Control. She updated her that the rock could have sonic properties that cause hallucinations according to Maria. She thought the whole story was preposterous but was shown several media files by Control. It showed Maria Kilbride killing gigantic and strange monsters that were allegedly visions. Control informed her she had been working in this fashion for them for some time. Control told her they don't understand what the Cross Culture-Contamination Unit did to create this reality, but she knows Maria feels responsible for the results and they must find out what Maria knows.[2]

After Maria infiltrated the hospital, she successfully returned the archaeologist. She told Dispatch things were only about to get worse from here on out.[3]

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