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Appearing in "Divine Intervention part 3 of 4: End of Days!"

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  • Creation Wheel


Synopsis for "Divine Intervention part 3 of 4: End of Days!"

Max has called upon Gen 13 to help him against the Wildcats. The Wildcats try to convince Gen 13 that Max is controlling them, but they won't listen. During the battle, Ladytron kills Burnout. But Max just brings him back.

At I.O. headquarters, Lynch and the others watch helplessly as the Wildcats battle Max and Gen 13. Susanna sees Cardinal Lazarus but isn't sure if it's really him or not, since Max killed him (Divine Right #9). Lazarus tells Susanna that she's the only hope of stopping this conflict. Lazarus tells Susanna that the traitor he thought was amongst them in The Hollow Realm turned out to be Max himself. Lazarus was hoping Max would fail and then Lazarus would take the Creation Equation.

Back at the battle, Emp uses his powers to free the Gen 13 kids from Max's control. Emp tries to tell Max that the main reason he can't control his powers is because he's only human, and humans were never built to handle that kind of power. But Max refuses to believe him as he unleashes even more of his power.

Devan catches Susanna talking to a chair (which Susanna thinks Lazarus is sitting in). Devan freaks out as Susanna reaches for Lazarus' hands (or from Devan's point-of-view, reaching for air) and disappears.

At the battle, Max has unearthed The Creation Wheel and they are all now floating out in space in the middle of it.

Lazarus takes Susanna to The Hollow Realm. They find The Fallen who claim they failed. Max caused everyone in The Hollow Realm to disappear because they would not follow him. Now The Fallen plead with Susanna to take up arms against Max in order to stop him. Tobruk hands Susanna his sword and she reluctantly takes it.


  • This issue is part three of the four-part "Divine Intervention" crossover with Divine Right and Wildcats. The story concludes in Divine Right #12.
  • The cover of this issue is the right half of a larger image formed when combined with the cover of Divine Intervention: Wildcats #1.
  • This issue is reprinted in:
    • Divine Right: Book Two trade paperback (2002);
    • Divine Right: The Adventures of Max Faraday hardcover (2014).

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