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Doris is an assistant nurse to Dr. Brainard. In being such, she was the enemy of Morgan Stryker and his superhero mercenary team Strykeforce. She could be described as a somewhat bombshell version of the DC Comics villain Two Face.

Doris was first seen in Issue #10 of the first and only volume of Strykeforce series. She relayed a job phone call from Randall Garr to Dr. Brainard requesting that Brainard destroy the Strykeforce[1][2][3].

Despite little information being known about Doris, a few things are certain. She is very loyal to Dr. Brainard. She also has severe facial scarring or burns on the left side of her face. Doris is presumably all human and displayed no special abilities. She has demonstrated a willingness to resort to using hand guns as she wielded an uzi in Issue #14 against the pairing of Sh'rrrnn and Specimen Q during their rescue of Morgan Stryker[4]. She was knocked out by Specimen Q after he rammed his armored body into her.

Doris was next seen in the Savage Dragon/Destroyer Duck one-shot. It was revealed that Specimen Q was really Destroyer Duck all along. To get revenge on Brainard for imprisoning him in a suit of armor for years, Destroyer Duck and Savage Dragon battled a new Industrial Accidents team assembled by Brainard and Doris. After the battle is over, Brainard and Doris are apparently shot and killed by a mysterious figure called Nuggo the Gnome. [5]

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