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Drake Jones
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Yellow skin
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Brawl was chosen as the leader of the Chasers due to his experience, and employed by the US government to capture the fugitive Marc Slayton, AKA Backlash. Since the Chasers had not been told that their target would be an elite soldier when agreeing the payment, Brawl asked for a higher pay to the team, so Washington agreed to raise another million dollars.[1]

The Chasers went after Slayton's ally Amanda Reed (AKA Taboo), who defeated most of the Chasers until faced by Brawl, who overcame her psychic powers with some effort and knocked her out.[2]

Taboo was kept at Stonewall federal Armory as bait to Slayton. When Taboo tried to escape, Brawl stood on the way of her and her newfound ally Dingo, whose hand-to-hand combat skills proved ineffective against the high-level resistance of Brawl, who easily floored Dingo with a single punch, but a shot of Brawl's partner Homicide redirected by Slayton allowed Amanda and Dingo to drop down through several floors, escaping the rampage of Brawl. The Chasers pursued Backlash, Taboo and Dingo in a pair of hyper-sleds before the fugitive sled crashed. The Chasers caught up moments after the three fugitives fled the crash site. The Chasers vowed they would track down Taboo soon enough once they began their back-up plan.[3]

For their next known mission, Brawl and Homicide went (as their civilian identities, Drake Jones and Francis Smith) to Marc, Amanda and Jodi's latest home, this time specifically seeking Amanda. When Amanda recognised Brawl due to his size and color, conflict ensued between the three heroes and the Chasers, until Brawl managed to tell Amanda that they actually came to offer her an amnesty.[4]

Brawl was later seen as General Gant's bodyguard during Amanda's testimony against the Cabal. He also helped Marc and Amanda against villains sent by Lilitu after Amanda's symbiote.[5]

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