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Fire King[1]
Dana Cruise (daughter, deceased)

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Heatwave is the name of a comic book character from Top Cow Productions. He was also a member of the Cyberforce.

Heatwave was a cybernetically-enhanced mutant, with the power to absorb and release ambient solar energy in the form of super-heated plasma. It was specially difficult for him when his powers first began to manifest because they led to a tragic incident when he accidentally killed his brother -- something Heatwave was never able to come to terms with. His brother's death had such a devastating effect on the family that he chose to leave home and enroll in naval training school, rather than endure their accusing eyes anymore. He graduated with honors, got married, joined the Navy and eventually became one of the elite SEAL team. Tragedy struck once again shortly thereafter when his daughter was killed during a terrorist attack. His marriage soon fell apart, and his performance level dropped so low that he caused serious injury to himself and those under his command during a high-risk rescue operation. He felt that he had finally hit bottom; that's when Cyberdata showed up. They promised to heal him and provide him with a special suit. In return, he needed to supply them with his tremendous power for various combat operations. All he had to do was follow orders, with the help of a "brain box" in his head. He then became a S.H.O.C. and did Cyberdata's evil bidding, until the benign Dr. Corben removed the brain box from his head and showed Heatwave the error of his ways. He then teamed up with Corben, as well as former S.H.O.C.s Stryker and Cyblade, to form Cyberforce. Heatwave eventually sacrificed himself to save his teammates.

Character Powers and Equipment

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Cybernetic Enhancement
    • Energy Absorption: Heatwave was a cybernetically enhanced mutant who was able to absorb and retain ambient solar energy.
    • Energy Projection: He wore a specially designed suit that was built for him by Cyberdata that allowed him to regulate this energy and release it as a forced beam of super-heated sub-atomic particles called plasma.
    • Flight: This plasma could then be used as a weapon or as a means of self-propelled flight. Heatwave could project a plasma beam and fly at high speed by riding super-heated air currents.



  • Suit: Heatwave did not need the suit to absorb and release energy. His mutant metabolism enabled him to do this on his own. The suit made him much more efficient and magnified his powers considerably. Without it, though, he had to be extremely careful of the amount of energy he absorbed because his body would eventually be consumed by the plasma heat.

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