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One of Captain Dynamo's enemies, a lizard man named Whiptail (or someone using his transformation formula) has taken down every member of Dynamo 5 except Scrap. Whiptail and the girl fight but the creature is more powerful than she is. As it tries to bite down on her head, Visionary wakes up and blasts it. While Visionary helps Scrap up, the monster disappears. Back the base the team gets a stern lecture from Maddie about what it takes to be a hero. Scatterbrain gets mad because the crime fighting cuts into his normal life and starts yelling back at Maddie. Scrap separates the two before things get out of hand and Myriad suggests that they all get some rest. As the team leaves, Slingshot hangs back and tells Maddie that she thinks Maddie's plan to pull the team together, even if it's against her, is a smart one. Maddie denies it but a look on her face says Slingshot was right.

The next day, agents of F.L.A.G. stop by Maddie's office and ask her if she knows anything about Dynamo 5. She denies it since the team is a secret and sends them away. Later that day, Maddie takes Myriad and Scatterbrain to a nursing home where the original Whiptail (suffering from Alzheimer's) is staying. Scatterbrain reads his mind but finds that the old man has no clue who is using his formula to turn into Whiptail.

Later that night, the team is keeping watch over the city, laying in wait for the reappearance of Whiptail. Myriad and Slingshot get to know each other while across town Scatterbrain and Visionary bond over conversation about girls. In another part of the city, Scrap is offered resources that would help get her into the film industry (her dream) by Maddie. Before Scrap can accept or reject the offer, Whiptail is sighted by Scatterbrain and Visionary.

The teams converge and pick a fight with Whiptail. After Slingshot and Scrap show off a new move, the monster goes down under the weight of a car. When Scrap picks it up the team is shocked to discover that Whiptail wasn't any of the people they thought it was. Instead it was one of the F.L.A.G. agents that had come to see Maddie.

The following day, Myriad, disguised as a F.L.A.G. agent hears that the agent who had been terrorizing the city as Whiptail was fired. He also gets a sample of the transformation serum and delivers it to Maddie. What she plans to do with the serum is kept a mystery.


  • 1st Appearance of Whiptail, Nicole Nakamura, and Augie Ford.


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