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Eliot Carroll is an FBI agent who was obsessed with the Buckaroo Butchers. He investigated the world's most famous serial murders by coming to the small town to discover its secrets, including a set of underground caves. He began meeting with Edward Warren about the butchers. Carroll soon called his extractor friend, Nicholas Finch, who he trusted to help him get to the bottom of the Buckaroo murderers. However, upon arriving, Carroll had gone missing suddenly and no one knew what had happened to him.[1]

When Finch went to his apartment to recover Carroll's notes, someone lit the building on fire and destroyed all of his evidence.[2]

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Eliot discovers he's missing his arms and legs

Carroll was later discovered to be alive and held in the basement of the Serial Killer Graveyard by Finch and Crane. However, he was in a coma and had his arms and legs amputated.[3] He was brought to the local hospital and placed under intensive care. Fairgold sneaked into his room late one night and began chewing on Carroll's appendages in order to blame Warren with the crimes.[4] He came to in a couple of days with no recollections of how he had lost his arms and legs.[5] He was soon relocated to a classified location by the FBI.[6]

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Carroll is murdered in his bed.

Soon, Carroll woke up and was recovering in a Buckaroo hospital. Abigail Barker broke into his room and demanded to know what he had uncovered about the Buckaroo Butchers. Carroll refused to give her any information. He proclaimed he would only speak with Finch. However, Barker suddenly began stabbing him and killed Carroll burying his secret he uncovered about Buckaroo with him.[7]

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