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Eliya was a member of a faction, called the Protectorate, on her homeworld of Aegena. The world was mired in a long civil war, as the Directorate fought against another faction, the Protectorate, for control of the planet. The members of both factions had special "stones" (in reality, a symbiotic organism) embedded in their chests. The stones imbued them with a variety of powers, including super strength, flight, energy manipulation and a staff composed of pure energy.

Eliya was childhood friend of Ohmen and Serren. She and the two boys grew up during the turbulent war that ravaged their home planet of Aegena. Always ambitious and driven, Eliya rose in rank during her time in the Protectorate. She had sought to encourage Ohmen to follow her example as a warrior, however Ohmen was less driven to rise in the Protectorate hierarchy, much less be a renown hero in the war. Eliya also shared a mutual attraction with Ohmen off the battlefield as evident by a goodbye kiss initiated by Eliya just before leaving Ohmen during a conversation interrupted by Ohmen's mother.[1] Eliya would not see Ohmen again until some unknown lapse of time after Ohmen's fateful crash through a dimensional gateway to earth. Eliya and her new subordinate Maikone then met Ohmen and Jill Monroe[2] in Maine. There she learned of Ohmen's activities on Earth as its newest hero Union. She also speculated at first Ohmen's apparent refusal to return home was partly due to his "relationship" with Jill (although that was never confirmed by Jill or Union) rather than Union's apparent guilt for inadvertently killing Regent's father King Darian and everyone living in and around a secret Directorate outpost on earth. By the end of this second meeting, Union declared he was no longer a soldier of the Protectorate, thus no longer under further orders of Eliya whom he felt had personally abandoned him romantically and professionally left him for dead. He also cited that besides Eliya apparent "move on" to recruiting a replacement in Union's stead, he was still under no further obligations to the Protectorate because of the apparent enhancement in his Justice stone which after absorbing Darian's stone during their encounter, made Union (in theory) the sole being with the most powerful Justice Stone in existence. Before leaving, Eliya informed Ohmen that Prince Rijian, otherwise known as Regent, was cited on Earth and likely would be seeking revenge and answers for the destruction of his people. Union simply said he would deal with that when the time came.

Many uncounted months later, the "time" came and Eliya and Maikone were found dead on Earth, killed by Regent. This prompted a final showdown between Union and Regent, resulting in Union winning the final battle.

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  • Item Dependency: Justice Stone embedded in her chest grants his powers. If removed she losses all powers.



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