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The Eververse is a complex concept of multiple dimensions that are somehow connected. It can sometimes be easy to confuse their location dimensions with dimensions form which characters have teleported from. Below is an attempt at the guide:

Dimension Map

First Dimension (Flashbacks)

The originating Dimension for our story's heroes.

Frog Dimensions (Issue 1)

A world featuring two different frog races. Where one rules supreme and the other are held as a servant and slave race.

Indian's Revenge Dimension (issues 2-4)

A savage world where the local Native American tribes have used a Pillar to obtain advanced technology and in return invaded Europe. The crew pick up the Shaman from this planet.

Vacation Dimension (Issues 4-5)

The crew land on a planet where they can tend their wounds. Their break doesn't last long as they are attacked by second dimension Grant and Sara and learn the startling discovery that Kadir is always a saboteur.

Second Dimension (not shown)

A world where the 2nd Dimension Sara and Grant McKay have lost their children in an explosion from the Pillar. They hop-scotch to other dimensions attempting to steal other versions of their children in an attempt to save them.

Fire-Spirit Dimension (Issue 6 and 12)

The crew find themselves fighting for their lives with local monkeys possessed by Fire Spirits. Chandra becomes possessed by a Fire Spirit in this dimension.

Third Dimension (Issues 9 and 10)

A middle eastern location where Blokk has obtained a Pillar from Kadir, and paid him large sums for it. The first dimension Grant appeared and stole the Pillar to escape their world

Fourth Dimension (Issues 7-11)

Local savages become slaves of a worm-like telepathic death cult known as the Dralyn. The Dralyn are lead by a Mr. Blokk who demands their death. The crew pick up Krolar and plan to return him to his home dimension eventually.

Fifth Dimension (Issues 12-16)

A world where the Dimensionauts have unleashed an unwilling virus on the world, killing many of its inhabitants.

Godworld (Issues 17-???)

Godworld is where Grant teleported to after entering a scuffle with Rebecca. He found himself without memories of his past.

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