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Appearing in "Extreme Destroyer part 1"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • First Pantheon (flashback only)
  • Chet (Voice Only)
  • Hugh McDonnell
  • Pedro




Synopsis for "Extreme Destroyer part 1"

After decimating the Katellan fleet, the Keep has arrived on Earth with ships hovering above cities all over the world.  While world leaders ponder how to respond, the Shepherd surveys the planet.  Aboard one Keep vessel, Glory and Shaft have been abducted along with the New Men and numerous others for being Nu-Gene positive. Glory reveals that the Amazonians received some kind of gift from the Keep eons ago, but Shaft is bewildered as to why he is there since he has no superhuman powers.  Pilot watches as a guard enters and escorts Battlestone and Cabbot away.  At the Pentagon, Kid Supreme, Roman, and members of Youngblood and Bloodpool have gathered to devise a plan.  Kid Supreme wants to attack the Keep, but Keever and Sentinel believe that would be futile.  At the United Nations, Narcisse addresses the General Assembly and explains that the Keep have visited Earth before, breeding superhumans to harvest later for slave labor. This time, the Keep are after the Nu-Gene positive.  In Central America, the Extreme Warrior rides into a village and collapses.  The Shepherd reports back to his superior, the gigantic Imperion, and declares that humanity poses no threat.  Kid Supreme attacks, but the Shepherd swiftly defeats him. Imperion addresses the world, announcing the Keep’s intent to harvest Nu-Gene positives, and warns humanity not to interfere. Blamed for what is happening by the General Assembly, Dusk and Narcisse leave the UN.  At the Pentagon, Keever, Sentinel, and Diehard debate what to do until Maximage appears and insists they must protect the Nu-Gene positive at any cost.


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