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Appearing in "Extreme Sacrifice part 1"

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Synopsis for "Extreme Sacrifice part 1"

After being overthrown in Hell, Lucifer went back in time to Earth in the early 1980s. He adopted the identity of Alexander Graves and molded Youngblood into his personal strike team.  Graves relates all this to a skeptical Combat and then reveals he was also responsible for Combat’s arrival on Earth.  Aboard an aircraft hovering over the Atlantic Ocean, Colonel Bravo, Link, and Bloodstrike meet with Roman.  Bravo is reassembling the Order of the Knight, of which Roman is a member, to stop an imminent threat to the world.  Roman agrees to locate Glory while the others go to retrieve Warwolf. At Youngblood headquarters, Troll checks with Keever about the status of Dash and her baby, saying their condition is important.  At Johns Hopkins Hospital, Dash and Reign’s son has matured to adulthood overnight.  The New Men are arguing about what to do with him when he declares he must leave to find his purpose and teleports away.  In Hell, Crypt returns to report to Lord Chapel.  Lord Chapel orders him to eliminate potential allies of the Order of the Knight, starting with Supreme.


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