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Synopsis for "Extreme Sacrifice part 8"

The voice of the Newborn awakens Reign amidst the wreckage of Youngblood headquarters. Rising to his feet, he sees the Order of the Knight battling the lord of Hell, Lord Chapel.  Prophet asks Link what more they can do, recalling the battle against Crypt and the seeming death of the Newborn.  Graves arrives, returns to his true demonic form as Lucifer, and grows to gigantic size to confront Lord Chapel.  Nearby, the original Sentinel returns as the New Men and Youngblood tend to their wounded. Having found his control gem, Reign puts it back on his head, lets himself be possessed by the Newborn, and vanishes. A younger and very much alive Supreme flies out of the sky and attacks Lord Chapel, but Lord Chapel blasts him away.  The Newborn returns and, together with Lucifer, unleashes massive energy blasts on Lord Chapel, seemingly destroying him.  Lucifer soliloquizes about his role in shaping these events, restores Reign to normal, and disappears.  Later, Supreme re-enters Earth’s atmosphere and falls toward Tokyo.  Prophet walks across a snowy mountain landscape, pondering his future without Kirby. Aboard the Experts’ jet, Seahawk informs Bloodstrike of Battlestone’s death and flies off.  He then meets with the Order of the Knight and asks that one of them lead a new Brigade team.  While Reign recovers in a hospital, Proctor tells the New Men that, because the Brotherhood of Man destroyed their home, they cannot return to Seattle.  At the Pentagon, Keever tells Youngblood that Chapel was found alive and has no memory of anything since he joined Youngblood. Keever also reveals that the U.S. government is debating whether to shut down Youngblood.  Afterward, Colonel Bravo invites Shaft to join him and Link. Shaft politely declines, and they say goodbye.


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