Heath Huston on the cover of Fear Agent #4, art by Tony Moore

Fear Agent is a science fiction comic book series by Rick Remender with art by Tony Moore and Jerome Opena, who alternate on story arcs. It stars the rugged alcoholic Texas spaceman Heath Huston, the last Fear Agent, in a series of fast-paced adventures. The series is notable for its emphasis on action, adventure, and plot twists rather than realism or scientific detail; Remender claims in the first issue that "science fiction has lost its stones" and that Fear Agent is his attempt to fight that trend.

The series launched in October 2005, published by Image Comics. In September 2006, Dark Horse Comics announced [1] that Fear Agent would be moving to Dark Horse. The company will reprint the first trade paperback collection (originally published by Image), scheduled for April 28, 2007, and a second volume is planned from Dark Horse.

On June 13, 2007, Dark Horse released Fear Agent: The Last Goodbye, telling of the alien invasion and creation of the Fear Agents by way of flashback after issue 10's events.

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