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Fennex was one of the Kindred working for Bloodmoon. She hated humans (with the possible exception of Bloodmoon himself) and she warned Dingo that if he tried to stop her from killing some, she would do the same to him.

Fennex and Kamin attacked Marc Slayton at Coney Island, a fight that ended when Bloodmoon had Marc's daughter Jodi caught by Slider and forced Marc to surrender.[1]

Fennex tortured Marc to get samples of his blood to seek for the Gen-Factor in it (Bloodmoon admitted there were more efficient ways to get the samples, but he wanted Fennex to torture Marc because of his hatred towards him), but his blood was useless, so Slide got a sample of Gen-Active blood from Jodi. As Marc wasn't useful anymore, Fennex asked to kill both Marc and Jodi. Bloodmoon spared Jodi and sent Kamin to kill Marc, but Marc freed himself and killed Kamin. Fennex tried to kill Jodi, but she was stopped by Dingo, so Fennex tried to follow her treath and kill Dingo for interfering, but Dingo shot her with a Smith & Wesson. Fennex fell but seemingly survived, as Slider was carrying her when he teleported away alongside Bloodmoon.[2]

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