Quote1 Forgive my haste. I am returning from travels far away and stopped for an evening of feminine enchantment... and a little fresh blood. Quote2
-- Dracula

Appearing in "Dracula Meets the Wolfman"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Marta


Other Characters:

  • Dracula's chauffeur
  • Dracula's driver
  • Marta's mother
  • Nicholae Bulinski's father
  • Nicholae Bulinski's brother


  • Castle Peles



Plot Synopsis for "Dracula Meets the Wolfman"

In the country of Moldavia in 1849, Nicholae Bulinski looks upon his lover Marta as she returns to her farmhouse. He wants to go to her, but realizes too late that the moon is full. As the moonlight beams down, Nicholae transforms into a Wolfman. Even as a beast, Nicholae cannot bring himself to risk harming his beloved Marta, so he dashes off into the forests.

Meanwhile, Marta's mother speaks with her daughter about a pending meeting with an important Count. Marta doesn't wish to meet this man, and does not like the prospect that her mother is hoping that she will wed the count.

Deep in the woods, Nicholae's father and brother, aware of his transformation into a werewolf, set a trap for him. They bait the Wolfman into chasing an untethered horse down a trail. As the Wolfman gives chase, he finds himself ensnared in a net. The father and brother quickly collect him and secure the Wolfman inside their carriage. This only briefly detains him however, and the Wolfman breaks free and races into the woods.

Meanwhile, Marta is taken to Castle Peles where she meets the count. The count is in fact the vampire Dracula, who has decided to take advantage of Marta's feminine wiles -- as well as her blood. As Dracula reaches for her, the Wolfman appears on the parapet of the castle window. He leaps at Dracula and a savage battle ensues. The Wolfman maintains the upper hand and their fight carries out into the courtyard near the cliff's edge. Dracula finally gets an advantage and uses it to grip the Wolfman firmly about the throat. Marta appears behind them and tries to impale the vampire with a broken weather vane. Dracula lashes out at her, and Marta falls backwards, impaling herself on an upturned piece of wood. She dies moments later. Dracula turns before the Wolfman can react and kicks him over the edge of the cliff.

An airplane touches down an undisclosed airfield. Dracula exits the ramp and greets his driver who is waiting for him. Suddenly, the Wolfman appears and decapitates the driver with one savage stroke from his claws. Both creatures recognize each other and are eager for a rematch. They leap towards one another, fangs bared. The battle promises to be a brutal one.


  • This issue is one in a series of one-shots spotlighting the fantasy artwork of Frank Frazetta.
  • This issue shipped with an alternate cover illustrated by Francesco Francavilla, the artist for this story.
  • Includes bonus pages featuring original concept sketches and inked panels from this issue.
  • The main setting for this story takes place in 1849, but the epilogue takes place in present day.
  • Dracula, as presented in this issue, is likely a different version of the character first seen in Spawn: The Impaler.
  • The Wolfman, as presented in this issue, is Nicholae Bulinski. This character is not to be confused with Larry Talbot, the film character played by Lon Chaney, Jr. in the 1941 Universal Pictures film The Wolf Man. This Wolfman is also not to be confused with Gary Hampton, The Astounding Wolf-Man.


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