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5'11" (female)
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137 lbs (62kg) (female)
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Animate Statues
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Benjamin Dewy
First appearance

Autumnlands 11


In the ancient past of the Autumnlands, the Galateans were created when the world was young, filled with the raw energy. A team of seemingly human scientists used their machines to mold a race of constructs from molten stone of a volcanic landscape. The humans toyed with their forms from a golem, a robot, to finally the visages of a naked woman. The Galateans were given purpose to gather the seething energies, to convert adn clean them and release them into the atmosphere. The resulting energies that would later become hatsas.[1]

After the world stabilized to allow for habitable conditions, the Galateans were stationed to maintain an installation hidden high in a mountain. While they continued their task, they also served as entertainment by the humans that created them, pleasuring them. During the time when their master left them unattended, they studied the libraries contained within their master's home, where they learned that more about human culture and understood that they were slaves to the whims of others.

Centuries passed when a new master came and order them to enter stasis.

The Galateans were inadvertently reactivated from stasis when the city of Keneil fell from the sky, causing massive shock waves across the lands. Though they were worn by age, some turned to purifying raw energy into hastas within the land some, weary of their long lives, turned from their task and committed suicide to finally be at peace.[2]

However these suicide cause blast of magical energy that quickly polluted and mutated the land, bring the attention to the many gentlebeings that lived in the area.

Powers and Abilities


None known.


None known.

Average Strength level



None known.


Habitat: Habitat of this race is unknown.
Gravity: Gravity of this race is unknown.
Atmosphere: Atmosphere of this race is unknown.
Population: Population of this race is unknown.


Type of Government: None
Level of Technology: Technology level unknown.
Cultural Traits: Living Statues
Representatives: No Known representatives.

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